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Get to Know: Professor Taylor

There are many global issues that the world community needs to be addressing, and in many cases, are being addressed, but lack the financial resources and political will to solve the problems. This is why diplomacy in regional and international organizations is so critical, because we must work collectively. This is why the MODEL UN class is so important, students learn in-depth about critical issues and negotiate real-world solutions.

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Get to Know: Professor Hultin

Youth unemployment is one of the major factors in various models of “pre-conflict societies” that seek to predict conflict. I don’t think this is just an economic issue, however, but a political one in that in many countries there is no political space for youth to air their grievances and feel that they are heard.

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Get to Know: Professor Bouasria

I think that the interfaith cultural issue is something of major importance because we have stopped listening to each other and we have split into politicized camps that like to fight, in a Hegelian way, for truth when they can cohabit and cooperate for truths.

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Get to Know: Professor Son

The problems and limitations lying in the development in East Asia is one of the most overlooked issues in the contemporary debates on globalization.Japan is in recession, South Korea is in debt, Taiwan is slowing down, and China is stepping onto a whole package of problems. Most importantly, it is not well known that these problems are all rooted in social and political grounds.

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Pre-Registration "Plus" Advising Sessions

Each semester, prior to registration, we hold advising sessions to help you pick your classes for the upcoming semester. These sessions are a great way to ensure you are on track and to learn from your classmates. Sessions will also focus on special topics.

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