Global Economics and Development

Global Economics and Development explores topics in international commerce, economic and human development, political economy, and risk analysis. Students that plan to take the economics (ECON) courses within this specialization should have a strong academic background in economics or have completed microeconomics, macroeconomics, and calculus with a minimum grade of 3.00 in all three. For questions about this, please reach out to your faculty advisor.

Relevant Fall 2022 Sections

Check the course schedule for more details.  Note course details are subject to change.

  • GLOA 599: Global Peace and Conflict
  • GLOA 615: Property and Piracy
  • GLOA 615: Crit Perspectives on Hlth Comm
  • GLOA 615: Justice & the Globl Enironment
  • ECON 695: Political Economy of Crisis
  • ECON 695: Economics of Regulation
  • GOVT 743: International Political Econ
  • ITRN 500: Global Political Economy
  • ITRN 503: Macroecon Policy/Global Econ (ITRN 504 should be taken first, do not enroll in ITRN 504 in the same semester)
  • ITRN 504: Microeconomics/Trade Policy (ITRN 504 should be taken first, do not enroll in ITRN 503 in the same semester)
  • ITRN 602: Global Financial Crises/Insts
  • ITRN 603: Global Trade Relations
  • ITRN 605: Technology, Culture & Commerce
  • ITRN 740: Trade/Regulatory Compliance
  • ITRN 761: European Political/Econ Union
  • PUBP 720: Managerial Econ/Pol Analy
  • SOCI 633: Global Social Though