Global Governance and Public Management

Global Governance and Public Management explores how national government, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations work together to identify, understand, and address global issues.

Relevant Fall 2022 Sections

Check the course schedule for more details.  Note course details are subject to change.

  • GLOA 599: Global Peace and Conflict
  • GLOA 615: Property and Piracy
  • GLOA 615: Crit Perspectives on Hlth Comm
  • GLOA 615: Justice & the Globl Enironment
  • GOVT 753: Collaborative Public Managemt
  • POGO 750: Policy Making in a Complex Wor
  • PUAD 680: Public Technology Management
  • PUAD 703: Collaborative Public Managemt
  • PUBP 500: Theory/Practice Public Policy
  • PUBP 754: GIS and Spatial Anly Pub Poli