Global Media and Technology

Global Media and Information Technology examines the technological advances that connect people and provide information for economic, political, and social purposes.

Relevant Fall 2024 Sections

Check the course schedule for more details.  Note course details are subject to change.

  • GLOA 599: Transnational Sexualities 
  • GLOA 599: Global Social Thought
  • GLOA 599: Human Sec, Globalization and Dev
  • GLOA 599: Transnational Issues of Gender and Race
  • GLOA 599: Feminist Theories 
  • GLOA 615: Critical Perspectives on Health Communication
  • GLOA 615: Globalization and Human Rights 
  • GLOA 615: Global Peace and Conflict 
  • COMM 634: Theories of Interpersonal Communication 
  • PUBP 503: Culture, Org, and Technology
  • SOCI 623: Racial/Eth Rel:Amer/Glob