MA in Global Affairs

Lisa-Carolin Petersen, 2021

Lisa-Carolin Petersen

The diversity of courses as well as the different nationalities within the Global Affairs MA program allow you to really 'learn through diversity.' Even though it was mostly online due to Covid I've still had so many fascinating and interesting discussions with other students. I am truly grateful for the support that all the professors have given me. I particularly enjoyed the class by Professor Bockman “GLOA 600: Global Competencies” because she gave me the necessary feedback to develop as a writer and researcher. I would also like to thank Professor Hirsch for giving us the opportunity to learn practical skills by working together with the Police Practice Group in Arlington to improve civilian policing. I am grateful for all the support that the Global Affairs program has given me throughout and the chance to include my UNA-NCA fellowship opportunity in my academic course work. The Global Affairs program gave me an analytical and practical perspective of current challenges at a global level and has really pushed me in the right direction to pursue a career in diplomacy.  I hope every new alumni will choose courses that challenges them to learn and develop not only as a student but as a human being.