Global Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

MA Curriculum

Core Courses (18 credits)

Catalog Year 2015-2016

Within the 18-credit core curriculum, students explore the nature of globalization, interdisciplinary research methodology, principles of economic development and trade relations, and the human dimensions of global systems.

Required courses include:

Capstone Requirement:

Students complete the degree by pursuing significant capstone research that synthesizes knowledge from core and specialization courses. This course is to be taken when students are within nine (9) credits of graduation. Please consult the Graduate Coordinator prior to registering.

Specialization (12 credits)

Selecting from the exceptional academic offerings of the entire university, students create a four-course specialization in one of the following areas:

  • Conflict and Security
  • Culture and Society
  • Economics and Development
  • Global Education
  • Governance and Public Management
  • Global Health
  • Media and Technology
  • Population and Geography

Total credits: 30

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