Guaranteed Admission Agreement

George Mason University has Guaranteed Admission Agreements with certain Virginia community colleges. Transfer students who are offered GAA admission and meet all of the terms of the GAA agreement with their Virginia community college may be eligible for a waiver of George Mason University's lower level general education requirements. GAA students who receive the waiver are still required by the university to complete English 302 and a synthesis course. GAA students who receive the waiver and are pursuing a degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are considered to have met all college requirements except for proficiency in a foreign language (required of BA students).

Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Transfer Guide

This is a recommended program of study for students planning to obtain a VCCS Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.& S.) degree in Liberal Arts and transfer to George Mason University for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Affairs. Students at other colleges or universities considering applying to the Global Affairs program should contact Jason King, Global Affairs Academic Advisor, at for additional information. 


Transfer Course1st2nd3rd4thGMU Equivalent
ENG 111 and 112 3 3     ENGH 101 and ENGH ---
Natural Science with Lab 4 4     Natural Science with Lab
Foreign Language 101, 102, 201, 202 5 5 3 3 Foreign Language Requirement
PLS 241     3   GOVT 132
SDV 100 1       UNIV 100
PED 116 and PED elective     1 1 PHED ----
200 level English Literature       3 ENGH 2---
Behavioral & Social Science     3   Social Science
HIS 101 and HIS 102 or HIS 112     3 3 HIST 101 and HIST 102 or HIST 125
CST 100, 110 or 126       3 COMM 100 or 101
MTH 151 and MTH 152 3     3 MATH 106 and MATH ----
PHI or REL elective     3   PHIL or RELI elective
Total Credits:16121616