For Undergraduate Students

Our website will guide you through everything the Global Affairs program has to offer - from academic advising to student research, to study abroad and internships. Here, you will find all of the resources you need to meet all of your goals and take on new challenges.


Academic advising is an integral part of the successful and timely completion of your degree in global affairs. Your academic advisor is available to you as a facilitator. Before seeing your academic advisor, please conduct a degree evaluation to check your own progress toward meeting your requirements. It is helpful to bring a copy of your degree evaluation to the advising session.


As an undergraduate, you can receive academic credit by registering for a formal internship through GLOA 495.  To receive approval, the nature of the site and your duties must be primarily dealing with global, international, or regional issues in the United States or abroad. Your major advisor can help work an internship experience into your program of study. Global Affairs students have completed internships in dozens of organizations locally and around the world. Explore the sample of internship sites below.

Study Abroad

Talk to your advisor about how to work study abroad courses into your major. For example, it is a great way to take language and concentration courses. Any student who wishes to study abroad should contact Mason Study Abroad.


Global Affairs Honors Students benefit from one-on-one mentoring relationships with experienced faculty and graduate with distinction. By participating in small classes and interacting closely with Global Affairs faculty, Honors students hone their analytical thinking skills and gain a sense of confidence and accomplishment by presenting their research at regional and national conferences.


Research is a fundamental component of the study of global affairs. When engaged in original research on a global topic, event, or issue, students enrich their educational experience, deepen their knowledge, and expand their intellectual horizons. The Global Affairs program offers students several ways to become more involved in original research which will challenge students to think abstractly.

Global Politics Fellows

The Global Politics Fellows program is a 15 credit academic program for selected students majoring in Government and International Politics and Global Affairs at George Mason University.   The academic program is based at the Mason Square campus and incorporates a significant internship experience into the semester.


Start thinking today about possible career paths. Do you want to work in the government (for example, in the Foreign Service of the State Department)? Do you want to work for an international service agency (CARE or a wide range of other organizations)? Do you want to teach English overseas? Some ways to increase your marketability are through advanced language training, specialized knowledge about a particular region, internships, and other international experiences like study abroad and the Peace Corps.