About the Global Affairs Program

Students interested in the study of global affairs at Mason have the opportunity to participate in two of the few truly interdisciplinary global studies degrees in the United States. The Global Affairs Program at Mason draws upon faculty and courses across the university to provide students with comprehensive yet specialized degrees. Global Affairs students examine transnational and international processes in a wide range of areas. Students also study specific regions, languages, and investigate the ways particular parts of the world experience global phenomena.

Graduate Program

The program offers an MA in global affairs. Students in this degree program develop a wide range of global competencies as well as specialized knowledge in a particular thematic concentration—everything from global health, to global media, to global economic development, to global history and culture.

Graduates of the master's program are prepared for work in a variety of global contexts, including employment by government agencies, non-governmental organizations, businesses with a global presence, and various international organizations.

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Undergraduate Program

The program offers a major and a minor in global affairs. Students pursuing either program of study take a core of courses that introduce them to the interdisciplinary study of global issues. In addition, majors choose from a range of possible concentrations that focus on either the study of a global theme or a specific world region.

The major in global affairs is one of the few truly interdisciplinary global studies bachelor's degrees in the United States. It draws on faculty and courses from across the university who have an expertise in global affairs.

Study Abroad

Undergraduate students in global affairs are strongly encouraged to take part in a study abroad experience. These experiences can be as brief as two weeks or as long as a semester or a full academic year. Mason Study Abroad offers a wide range of study abroad opportunities for our students, or you may arrange to study abroad through other accredited college and university programs.

The graduate program includes a two-week seminar abroad, offered each summer and winter break, as part of the required core curriculum. These seminars are taught annually in different world regions according to a rotating schedule.