Academic Advising in Global Affairs

Please note next to your advisor how to reach them for advising

If you do not have a GMU NetID or if your NetID has not yet been activated, please email for an appointment.

In order to prepare for your questions please do the following steps:
1. Please run your Degree Works
2. List down possible courses you are planning to take for next semester. 
3. Write down any other questions you have for your advisor.

Who is your advisor and how to get advising

Last Names A-G Erika Marquina Online advising through Navigate 
Last Names H-K: Dr. Matthew West Email Advising only
Last Names L: Online advising through Navigate 
Last Names M-Q: Dr. Sara Mitcho Online advising through Navigate 
Last Names R: Erika Marquina Online advising through Navigate 
Last Names S and Mason Korea students on Fairfax Campus: Dr. Jennifer Ashley: Email Advising 
Last Names T: Dr. Niklas Hultin Email Advising Only
Last Names U-Z: Dr. Byunghwan Son: Email Advising Only


Navigate Instructions:

  1. Go to and login with your NetID and password
  2. Click on “Get Assistance" button.
  3. Choose "Academic Advising" as your appointment type.
  4. Select “College of Humanities and Social Sciences as your college and choose “Global Affairs Major” as your service.
  5. Hit “next” and confirm the location as “Global Affairs” before selecting the appropriate advisor from the drop-down menu based on your last name as identified below:
  6. Identify the day/time you would like to meet with your advisor. You will automatically receive an email notification when the appointment is scheduled.

Contact if you have any issues with the scheduling system.