Core Courses

Students pursuing the Master of Arts in Global Affairs will study with a renowned faculty committed to teaching and research and a diverse and accomplished student body. The curriculum explores the nature of globalization, principles of economic development, trade relations, the human dimensions of global systems and global health, and allows students to develop specialized knowledge in a thematic field related to their own academic and professional goals.

The University Catalog is the authoritative source for information on courses. The Schedule of Classes is the authoritative source for information on classes scheduled for this semester. See the Schedule for the most up-to-date information and see Patriot web to register for classes.

GLOA 600: Global Competencies (3 Credits)

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Explores the nature of globalization. Students will understand the characteristics of the current global system; be familiar with key global issues and debates; have an advanced understanding of and appreciation for organizations, languages, cultures in many global contexts; and be better habituated to thinking across disciplinary lines.

GLOA 605: Interdisciplinary Research Methods (3 Credits)

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Designed to provide students with an overview of basic techniques in quantitative and qualitative methods with special attention to epistemological and ethical concerns in global studies research. Course includes a discussion of the theoretical assumptions that shape research questions and design, practical exercises in research techniques, and analysis of methodology in practice.

GLOA 610: Economic Globalization and Development (3 Credits)

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Focuses on the intersection of countries and firms in the arenas of international trade, investment and finance, as the lenses into understanding better today's “global economy: countries of differing levels of economic development and economic system structure, factors of monetary union and currency disequilibria, trade liberalization or protectionism, market entry, cross-border variables, risk and relations.

GLOA 620: Human Systems (3 Credits)

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Examines the human dimensions relative to international educational systems and their relationship to basic education and higher education policy, research policy, science and technology, culture, language, social justice, equity, conflict and peace, human resources and national development.

GLOA 710: Seminar Abroad (3 Credits)

No sections are currently scheduled.

Intensive program in a foreign setting focusing on a deep overview of the research specialization of the supervising faculty member. Required pre-departure component to set the intellectual, logistical and culture terms of the abroad period. Locations vary from year to year.

GLOA 720: Capstone Research Seminar (3 Credits)

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Provides students with the opportunity to engage in significant original research an analysis of a topic in global affairs. Topics vary from year to year.

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