GLOA 450: Topics in Global Affairs Spring 2017

GLOA special topic courses available for Spring 2017!

Globalization & Development: Middle East and North Africa: GLOA 450:001

Model UN: GLOA 450-002



Globalization & Develepment: Middle East and North Africa
GLOA 450-001
Professor Nejib Ayachi
Spring 2017 Wednesday 7:20 to 10:00PM
Lecture Hall 3
CRN 20955

The Middle East and North Africa is an economically diverse region, but overall, its performance lags behind its potential. Today it faces high unemployment rates, particularly among youth and women; human development deficits; and social and regional imbalances, which contributed to the uprisings known as the Arab Spring. Other challenges come from global warming and environmental pressures. This seminar will survey and compare the nature and outcome of economic models and development strategies adopted in the region since the end of World War II, with a focus on recent adjustments and reforms triggered by globalization.

Concentrations: Africa, Middle East & North Africa, International Development, Global Economy & Management

Model UN GLOA 450-003
Professor Sonja Taylor
Spring 2017 Thursday 4:30-7:10PM
Robinson Hall B120
CRN 20955

Model United Nations is a unique class with active in-class and conference simulations where participants research issues, formulate negotiating positions, and role-play being a diplomat from Morocco. Class members also work closely with Mason's Model UN club in hosting the annual MasUN conference for high school students from over two dozen schools.

Become an expert depending on which committee assigned to, such as cyber security, dealing with Iran, resolving regional conflicts with diplomacy, enhancing women's involvement in politics, dealing with refugees, and more. 

The class meets an ambassador at their embassy prior to competing at the Model Arab League conference held at Georgetown University.

Model UN is learning about and getting passionate about real topics and working to find real solutions.

Concentration: Global Governance