Spotlight: GLOA 610 Economic Globalization and Development

IT IS UNFATHOMABLE to study globalization without understanding the theoretical and practical dimensions of global economy and governance. Trade, investment, finance, inequality, institutions, and development are the words that define much, if not most, of the contemporary globalization. Questions about economy and development dominate public discussions about globalization of late, yet people are often intimidated by the complexity of these topics.


GLOA 610 is a first-year core course in the Global Affairs MA program designed to address these issues through an interdisciplinary lens, seeking to answer theory-driven, problem-solving questions: Does economic openness reduce poverty around the world? Does respect for human rights attract foreign investment? When do financial crises happen and what can the global communities do about them? What are better ways to run the IMF and the World Bank? Does global inequality breed political extremism? Students taking this class engage in a thought-provoking yet grounded exploration of economic and political aspects of globalization and emerge prepared to do research, take higher level and more specialized courses, not to mention answer those tricky questions!