Spotlight: GLOA 400 Capping Off a Dynamic Degree Course

Spotlight: GLOA 400 Capping Off a Dynamic Degree Course
Anna ARD German TV

Students have the exciting opportunity to explore globalization in a range of specific contexts in GLOA 400: Global Affairs Capstone. Drawing on faculty members’ research expertise and experience in the field, GLOA 400 is designed to bring the skills students gained in their interdisciplinary core and concentration courses into the exploration of a pressing global issue. Recently in GLOA 400: Global Media, Dr. Jennifer Ashley led students in examining the cultural, political, and economic dimensions of globalization through the lens of media. The course focused on the ways in which culture and communication interact and influence each other, from the power of different forms of media to ways that digital platforms influence political movements and participation.

Students in Dr. Ashley’s Global Media class designed unique research projects that approached global media and its effects in a range of contexts. For instance, Jessica Godinez’ project (pictured) focused on the interaction of music, global media, and international politics by examining Journal Rappé, the YouTube channel of Senegalese hip hop artists and democracy advocates Xuman and Keyti. Also, Anna Granderson (pictured) chose to investigate how satirical television shows influence political debate in the USA and Germany. Other projects from Global Media examined The Voice TV show and its role discussions of Ukrainian nationalism after the Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the outcomes of social media celebrity activism in Venezuela.


Dr. Ashley’s Global Media course is just one example of the GLOA 400 environment where students can apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in their core and concentration courses to pressing, real-world issues. Check the Global Affairs website for upcoming GLOA 400 topics!