Take a Look at the GLOA 450 Special Topics courses offered for Fall 2017!

GLOA 450 Special Topics courses allow students the opportunity to focus on particular regions, issues, and skill sets in a dynamic learning environment. This fall there are four sections of GLOA 450 offered, each with a unique topic and the ability to count towards a GLOA concentration.

 In Focus:


GLOA 450-001: Global Issues with UN Ambassadors


Learn about the importance of the United Nations and other international organizations in this course with Dr. Sonja Taylor, George Mason’s Main Representative to the UN. This course explores how the UN and other international organizations are responding to global issues like humanitarian assistance, climate change mitigation, international trade and finance, the threat of nuclear/chemical/and biological weapons, and international law. This course can count toward the GLOA concentration in global governance.


GLOA 450-002: Globalization and Development in the Middle East and Northern Africa


In this seminar, Dr. Nejib Ayachi leads students on a survey and comparison of the economically diverse but developmentally lagging region of the Middle East and North Africa. The course surveys and compares the most complex issues facing this region, including the high unemployment rates among youth and women, human development deficits, the social and regional imbalances which led to the uprisings known as the “Arab Spring”, and environmental pressures resulting from global climate change. This course can count toward one of the following GLOA concentrations: Middle East and North Africa; international development; the environment; global economy and management; international development.



GLOA 450-003: Middle East Realities

Explore the past and present events in Middle Eastern countries that contribute to the contemporary realities in this region. Examining a range of countries and events, this seminar considers Middle Eastern realities in the context of the four factors that affect most issues in the region: religion, economy, culture, and politics. The course is taught by Dr. David Ramadan, a Lebanese-American expert on international relations who has served two terms in the Virginia House of Delegates. This course can count toward the GLOA concentration in Middle East and North Africa.