Spring 2018 GLOA 400: Capstone offerings


Students have the exciting opportunity to explore globalization in a range of specific contexts in GLOA 400: Global Affairs Capstone. Drawing on faculty members’ research expertise and experience in the field, GLOA 400 is designed to bring the skills students gained in their interdisciplinary core and concentration courses into the exploration of a pressing global issue.


GLOA 400-001: Global Crises: Citizenship and Identity

Dr. Catherine Studemeyer

Monday and Wednesdays 


CRN: 13969

This course explores changing ways citizenship and identity are conceptualized in a global and globalizing world. We will explore national identity, citizenship, and how transnational migration and transnational communities are challenging traditional notions of belonging. Our topics will range from legal frameworks and citizenship rights to the effects that dual citizenship may have on national identities, loyalties, and understandings of rights and responsibilities.

We will look into:

What kinds of challenges do semi-permanent and permanent transnational migration present to understanding citizenship rights?

Can someone have multiple national identities?

How are post-national rights frameworks changing the way people claim their rights?

How do identity rights interact with obligations of national citizenship?



GLOA 400-002: Global Crises - People, Power, and Resources

Dr. Kathleen Razzano

Tuesdays and Thursdays 


CRN: 13970

This course takes on the challenge of exploring the multiple facets of global crises and the solutions taken to address them. We will explore 4 topic areas in 3 week blocks. Topics might include water scarcity/clean water, fast fashion, Syrian refugees and e-waste. We will explore the political-economic and legal frameworks which define these topics by asking a series of questions.

What are the key issues/problems?

Who are the key players?

What are the proposed solutions?

Who benefits from these solutions?

Who doesn't benefit?

What could be done otherwise? Do we see any spaces for intervention?  

Each key topic area will have direct contact with one outside player. This may mean a visit to meet with congressional staff to talk about issues. Or might include a Skype session with Refugee Radio staff. The final projects will be podcasts that answer the above questions.