Take a Look at the GLOA 450 Special Topics courses offered for Spring 2019!



GLOA 450 Special Topics courses allow students the opportunity to focus on particular regions, issues, and skill sets in a dynamic learning environment. This fall there are four sections of GLOA 450 offered, each with a unique topic and the ability to count towards a GLOA concentration.


GLOA 450-002: Political Repression and Dissent in the Middle East

Dr. Yousef Munayyer

Political Repression and Dissent in the Modern Middle East is a comparative politics course that examines the dynamics of political repression and dissent across the region. Students will be introduced to the concepts of political repression and dissent and some of the key questions in this sub-literature including; what drives dissent? why do states repress? what is the relationship between regime types and repression? The course provides a survey of repression and dissent dynamics in various countries throughout the region guided by classic and contemporary literature.


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GLOA 450-003: Diplomatic Simulations

Professor Sonja Taylor

Are you planning on becoming a Foreign Service Officer? Or do you want to have more confident in class presentations, job interviews, and throughout your career?  If so, this interactive class can help you learn how to present and negotiate complex issues facing our world today with confidence! Sharpen the skill of active listening, applying data to support outcomes, compromising, and proposing and agreeing upon viable solutions to all parties. Classes are based on simulations, including those designed by George Mason University for the U.S. Department of State's Diplomacy Center, through role playing, using both oral and written communication skills, to practice the skills of diplomacy. Students work individually and in small groups, depending on the simulation, to integrate theory and practice into class activities and assignments from a variety of stakeholders positions.


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