GLOA Research Week Fall 2021

Welcome to the Fall 2021 GLOA Research Week! This asynchronous event is meant to highlight the incredible projects that GLOA students do and the amazing work students from across campus do in GLOA courses. Please view the student projects below by clicking on the links and help us by congratulating them on their hard work!


Peter Kelemen “The Origins of Hungarian Political Instability and the Inability to Establish a Democracy


Chaeyeon Lee “Democracy in a Whirl: Democratic Recession Comes After Wrong Practices of Democracy


Bryan Perez “Karoshi: An Epidemic in Japan that is Becoming a Global Issue


Eun Taek Ryu “The Implication of North Korea's c\Current Missile Provocation and Its Influence on South Korea-US


Erika Schaefer “Western Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance Movements Comparative Analysis with African Societies’ Ideal Body Image and Feederism


Lindsey Schmidt, “Culture, Religion, and Economics: The Context Behind the Chinese Communist Party’s Genocide of Uyghurs


Delaney Soliday “A Potential Solution for Iraq, Explained


Lana Mae M. Vanta “The Malaysian Palm Oil Industry: The Dark and Controversial Side of Palm Oil Process” and “Women and Terrorism: Exploring the Activity and Role of Women in Terror Groups


Gabriel Yu “The Tsai Ing-wen Administration and Taiwan’s Identity


Isabella Zettler “Closing the Digital Gender Gap: Ugandan Women and Social Media