My experience as an Intern for Helping Hand For Relief and Development

By Raafay Jamil

As a first-generation immigrant, I found it very difficult to find my place in society. Growing up and having to understand and learn two cultures that are very different created obstacles that people do not always have to face. As I am finishing up my last year of college at George Mason University, majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Media, Communication and Culture, I learned many things—most importantly that I can use my adversity to my advantage.

Being a part of the Global Affairs program has taught me all many skills that will further benefit me in my future. Not only has it provided me with knowledge of communication across cultures and global processes, but it had been outlet for opportunity. In January of 2022, I was offered an internship with the public affairs department of Helping Hand for Relief and Development, which is nonprofit organization that aims to provide aid and relief for countries around the world. This internship helped me develop many skills, such as communicating with media outlets, being able to dissect disinformation, and learning how to effectively cooperate and communicate with government officials. This internship has also been a proprietor of learning general life skills as well. With the office being In Washington D.C., I learned how to manage my time wisely in order to be at work on time. I also gained organizational skills to better assist me in daily tasks. Interning for HHRD has been a cornerstone in helping set up for my future.

I am very thankful to be a part of the Global Affairs community of George Mason and am forever grateful for the opportunity it has provided me. It has taught me that being a first-generation immigrant was never a disadvantage. I hope to continue to learn and gain skills through my Internship at Helping Hand and am excited to see new opportunities that arise in the future.

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