Studying Abroad at Home: Choyeong Kim

Studying Abroad at Home: Choyeong Kim

Choyeong Kim, a junior Global Affairs major, spent her whole life in Korea and dreamt of studying abroad from a young age. Her dreams came true at Mason Korea.

“As someone who received 12 years of Korean education, I am well aware of its merits, but I also felt many of its limitations,” said Kim. “By choosing Mason Korea, I overcame the limitations that I felt and have had the study abroad experience I wanted through the global education here. I'm excited to study at the Fairfax campus for a year starting this fall as part of Mason Korea's curriculum,” she added.

Kim chose Global Affairs because she wanted to study a broad field that would widen her perspectives. Her minors are in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Korean Studies.

“Serving as the Global Affairs Representative for one year was a very valuable time for me,” she recalls. “I had to communicate with the entire Mason community, including faculty, staff, and students. I did my best as the Rep., including providing student counseling services, guidance on Career Development Center (CDC) events, and regular meetings. I grew a lot by deliberating ways to improve our program and university with representatives of other majors.”

Kim has also participated in a full range of extracurricular activities, including Student Council, n-Lingual, and internships at CSPS-Korea, IUCF (Industrial-University Collaboration Foundation), and the admissions office.

Still, she considers “people” the highlight of her Mason journey. “I have met great people—colleagues from diverse backgrounds who helped me grow as a person through their friendship. I’m a naturally outgoing person, but their support is the main reason I was able to keep challenging myself to try new things.”

Kim is looking forward to focusing on her studies in Fairfax. “In Korea, I was heavily invested in internships and activities as part of my career development strategy,” she said, adding, “but in Fairfax, I am planning to concentrate on my capstone course and electives that I want to study.”

“Choyeong is a mover and shaker in the student community,” said CDC Director Sangyong Lee, adding, “she is a wonderful student who has a positive influence on other students. She has led many other students to the CDC.”