Fall 2022 GLOA Course Offerings

GLOA 101

Fulfills the Mason Core Global Understanding requirement and is a core course for GLOA majors. There is space in GLOA 101-002, GLOA 101-005, GLOA 101-DL1, GLOA 101-DL2, and GLOA 101-DL4.


GLOA 305:

An excellent 1-credit option to help fill in any gaps in credits. It is a course designed to prepare juniors and seniors for what comes next after their BA in Global Affairs and related disciplines and programs. This Fall it will be taught by an alum of the GLOA program and includes networking opportunities as well as skill building.


GLOA 400

GLOA 400 is a Capstone for the Mason Core and a Mason IMPACT+ course. For GLOA majors, you can use GLOA 400 as your Capstone requirement or as a concentration course. It can be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits within a term. GLOA 400-001, GLOA 400-002, GLOA 400-003, and GLOA 400-DL1 have space this Fall and each focus on a different topic. As an IMPACT+ course, you can have the title of the final project that you complete for the course listed on your transcript.