Spotlight: GLOA 720 Capstone Research Seminar, Spring 2023

You’ve been through a long journey of class-taking in GLOA (and others). Now what?

In this capstone class, your graduate coursework experience is wrapped into an independent, customized research project.


With methods primer, peer-review and rounds of presentations, you are guided through multiple stages of conducting social science research.


The class offers an important opportunity for graduate students to add their own intellectual flavor to the degree by completing (and sharing) a capstone project.

This class provides students with the opportunity to engage in significant original research an analysis of a topic in global affairs.

In the Spring 2023 semester, GLOA 720 is taught by Professor Byunghwan Son on Monday evenings in Horizon Hall.


Professor Son has research interests in the intersection of political behaviors (individual and collective) and economic conditions. 

He has studied democratization, democratic support, public confidence in governments, international reserves, currency crises, exchange rate regimes, Asian politics, and social science methodology.

Professor Son creates a welcoming and communicative atmosphere in his classroom. He encourages students can give constructive and insightful feedback to one another on their research topics, helping each other build their methodology and research objectives.