Global Affairs Fall 2022 Research Week Awards

At the end of each semester, Global Affairs hosts a Research Week where majors, minors, graduate students, and students in Global Affairs courses can submit their original work.

A committee of faculty and staff in Global Affairs recognizes students who have outstanding scholarly or creative projects.

Please congratulate the awardees for Fall 2022 and those who received Honorable Mentions. We also want to acknowledge all of the hard work that all students who submitted to Research Week put into their projects.




Gabriela Larkin, “The impact of parental involvement on children's integration into the US school system: A proposal to study families who settled in Connecticut from Ecuador between 2015-2019”


Leslie Spitz-Edson, “Fiscal Austerity or "Broken Ideals": What Caused the Romanian Protests of 2012?

Honorable Mention


Lindsey Schmidt, “Weathering Environmental Injustice: An Analysis of Immobility in New Orleans and Guatemala”




Karissa Hylton, “Why Sanctions Placed on North Korea Emerge Ineffective and Instead Result in Decreased International Security”


Mireu Lee, “China-Laos Railway: Its Geopolitical and Economic Impacts on China and Laos”

James Sua Ibrahim


James Haider, Sua Oh, Quentin Garner, Ibrahim Al Kenani, Mohammed Ashour, “From Zombies to Autocrats: A Comparative Study of Inequalities in Apocalyptic Media in South Korea and the Middle East”

Honorable Mentions

Arielle Iliana

Arielle Barfield, Adri Machicao, Maryam Almazrouei, Iliana Ruiz, and Yungeum Son, “When The World Shuts Down A Hundred Years Apart: H1N1 And COVID-19”

Aaron Gaglio, “Why is China building a secret naval base in Cambodia? What implications does this have on SouthEast Asia, and the rest of the world?”

Christopher Lee, “The Global Impact of China's One Covid Policy”

Jinhee Park, “Fast Fashion Brand's Environmental Pollution in Bangladesh”

Jooyeon Oh, “Polluted Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka by Fast Fashion