Spotlight: GLOA 610 Economic Globalization and Development, Spring 2023

We talk about how people suffer from the IMF programs all the time, but do we actually know, beyond popular social critiques, what exactly the IMF does and how it is governed?

What about the WTO and the World Bank? Global financial markets? Trade? Multinational corporations? Immigration? What are the socioeconomic policies and political institutions in place to govern these interactions? How do global actors react to them?

In this class we try to answer these questions by indulging in modern political economy literature.

Class discussions concern theoretical foundations of these questions, coupled with student presentations on specific countries. 


GLOA 610 focuses on the intersection of countries and firms in the arenas of international trade, investment and finance, as the lenses into understanding better today's "global" economy.

This includes countries of differing levels of economic development and economic system structure, monetary union and currency disequilibria, trade liberalization or protectionism, market entry, cross-border variables, risk and relations.

PortraitIn the Spring 2023 semester, GLOA 610 is taught by Professor Byunghwan Son on Tuesday evenings in Horizon Hall.

Professor Son has research interests in the intersection of political behaviors (individual and collective) and economic conditions. 

He has studied democratization, democratic support, public confidence in governments, international reserves, currency crises, exchange rate regimes, Asian politics, and social science methodology.

Professor Son establishes an interactive atmosphere where he can present hypothetical scenarios to his students to brainstorm and discuss. Out of the box thinking and a variety of viewpoints are encouraged and welcome in classroom conversation.