Mason Korea Global Affairs Professor Appointed to Key Role in Presidential Advisory Council

Jihye Lim, an assistant professor of global affairs at Mason Korea, has recently been appointed as a standing commissioner within the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (PUAC), a presidential consultative body led by the President of South Korea.

PUAC was established to formulate and execute policies on democratic and peaceful unification on a bipartisan and pan-national level. Comprising about 20,000 council members, it encompasses a diverse range of representatives, including local and functional representatives, as well as members from overseas.

Lim has been appointed as a central commissioner within the subcommittee for international cooperation, one of nine standing committees. Her official appointment was marked in a ceremony held in September.

As commissioners, their primary duty involves reviewing designated issues, deliberating over proposals presented by the President, and offering suggestions on relevant policies. As a member of the international cooperation subcommittee, Lim will be collaborating closely with counterparts from 136 countries, seeking to devise strategies for unification and enhance inter-Korean relations.

"I am honored to contribute to this presidential consultative body,” said Lim. “I am well aware of the complexities surrounding South Korea's unification policy, often marked by a lack of national consensus. However, I believe that the North Korean issue on the Korean Peninsula must be addressed and managed. To achieve this, we need to assemble diverse expertise. I am committed to offering constructive advice based on my research in the field of international political economy and my experiences at Mason Korea, which serves as a hub for international education."