The Learning Expedition: My Journey

By: Yasmine Ayouby

The Learning Expedition: My Journey

Oftentimes, women encounter difficult situations in their careers that lead them to doubt their abilities and as a result, conform to gender expectations. As an M. A student majoring in Global Affairs and specializing in Public Management and Global Governance, I wanted to be part of something unconventional yet impactful. As I conclude my extensive academic journey, I increasingly realize how my internship experience continues to deliver a truly adventurous and enriching lesson for all my personal, academic, and professional life. 

During my fall 2023 internship, I had the unforgettable opportunity to intern for "Thrive with Mentoring", a Switzerland-based company that provides a one-of-a-kind six-month mentorship program for women in the professional field. Whether you’re a cohort leader, mentor or mentee, an immersive experience is produced by joining an international network of supportive and insightful women fueled by increasing growth. Through my work, I soon realized that the program goes beyond mentorship. Through Thrive with Mentoring, you gain insight into a global organization that redefines sisterhood through diversity and inclusivity, opening valuable doors.

Throughout the semester, I delved into the realm of female mentorship and the image of a successful company led by passion and growth. I learned that the nuanced art of providing advice and nurturing confidence encompasses vital skill sets that overwhelmingly coincide with attributes belonging to knowledge acquired within the domain of Global Affairs. There were various instances when theories and frameworks from my Global Affairs program became my guide as I navigated challenging real-life scenarios. As a result, I realized the importance of adaptable leadership, cross-cultural communication, and the significance of gender inclusivity in global professional landscapes.

Despite having various other internship opportunities, opting for Thrive with Mentoring was an obvious choice. The project captivated me in a unique way I hadn't encountered previously. It made me reflect, "If every company embraced this approach, it could revolutionize workplace culture entirely."

Hence, I am confident to claim that my time at “Thrive with Mentoring” wasn’t just an internship; it was a transformative chapter that reinforced my commitment to advocating for women’s leadership and inclusivity within organizational decision-making processes, as well as creating meaningful change, armed with knowledge, empathy, and a determination to create a world where everyone can thrive irrespective of gender or background.