Professor Breglia Travels to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula

Professor Breglia Travels to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula
Professor Lisa Breglia speaks during the first annual "Expo Verde" on World Environment Day, in Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico.

Global Affairs Director Lisa Breglia kicked off the summer with a trip to Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Professor Breglia timed her trip with the release of her new book, Living with Oil: Promises, Peaks, and Declines on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. On stops in Mexico’s southeastern states of Campeche and Yucatán, Professor Breglia was able to deliver copies of her book to the communities where she has conducted research over the past few years. She also gave two different presentations on her current and past research projects.

Living with Oil, set in the fishing village of Isla Aguada, Campeche, Mexico, is primarily concerned with the effects of the offshore oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico on coastal communities. Dr. Breglia’s book describes how fishermen from Isla Aguada are struggling to make a livelihood after three decades of intense oil production have left the marine environment damaged and depleted. During her visit, Prof. Breglia presented a signed copy of Living with Oil to the community of Isla Aguada. The book is now housed in a small public library on the second floor of the community’s restored nineteenth century lighthouse. In nearby Ciudad del Carmen, Professor Breglia also had the opportunity to speak about her research at the city government’s first annual “Expo Verde” on the occasion of World Environment Day.

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