Dr. Singh on Science, Patrimony, Poverty, Trade, & Diplomacy

The following articles and book chapters of Professor J. P. Singh’s were published this summer. The publications extend his research interests in international trade and development, diplomacy and negotiations, and global cultural politics and policies.

Singh, J.P. "Development Remix: Representing Poverty, Culture, and Agency in the Developing World." International Studies Perspectives. Volume 15:3. August 2014.

Singh, J. P. "The power of large-scale interactions through information technologies and changes in cultural identity politics."In Maximilian Mayer et al.  The Global Politics of Science and Technology - Vol. 2: Perspectives, Cases and Methods (Global Power Shift).  Springer Berlin Heidelberg, August 2014.

Singh, J. P. “Cultural Understandings and Contestations in the Global Governance of Information Technologies and Networks.”  In Kelly Moore and Daniel Lee Kleinman.  Editors.  The Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology, and Society.  New York: Routledge.  June 2014.

Singh, J. P. “Developing Countries, Agriculture, and the World Trade Organization.” Yojana.  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India.  June 2014.

Singh, J. P. “Cultural Networks & UNESCO:  Fostering Heritage Preservation Betwixt Idealism and Participation.  Heritage & Society.  May 2014.

In addition, Professor Singh published a commentary on India’s trade policy titled “India’s Multi-faceted WTO Refusal” in The Washington Post blog The Monkey Cage on August 5, 2014.   Click here to read.