MA Alumni Discuss Career and Transitions with Current Students

More than 80 students have graduated from the Global Affairs master’s program since it began in the Fall of 2009 and on Monday evening, three MA alumni came to speak with current students as part of the second workshop in the ongoing MA Career Series.  The session focused on relating academic competencies to the job search and making career transitions.

Alumni Laura Boyette (December 2012), Amina Derbi (May 2014), and Kimberly Rhodes (December 2013), shared their current work profiles and provided the students with concrete advice for how to navigate the post-graduate school professional world. Having recently made transitions themselves, the alumni shared suggestions specific to job applications (customization is essential!), advice for staying current within your industry (join a professional association!), and reiterated the power of networking, both within the workplace and with former classmates. Two of the alumni got their start in their current organization while enrolled in the MA program, by way of fellowships or internships. Advice related to this was: intern as if you are already a staff member! Themes for the evening included the importance of patience and the ability to effectively market oneself in a job search, advice that students can put into practice immediately.

Students in the MA program can look forward to additional professional development opportunities through the Career Series, during a third workshop next spring on industry-specific job strategies, which will again bring accomplished alumni back to campus to share their experiences.