Get to Know: Professor Bouasria

North African Film

What global issue do you think is most overlooked right now?

I think that the interfaith cultural issue is something of major importance because we have stopped listening to each other and we have split into politicized camps that like to fight, in a Hegelian way, for truth when they can cohabit and cooperate for truths.

How has your experience abroad related to this issue?

I have studied, worked and taught in more than five educational systems including Morocco, UK, France, Canada and the US. I have had to learn to adapt to/in systems completely different than "my own."

How will you share/relate those issues and experiences to the special 

topic course?

We know that movies and texts come with the interpretation of the viewer and the reader. Contextualizing these interpretations would be where I come in.


 What do you look forward to about teaching this class?

I always learn from my students and like to benefit from the variety of their backgrounds.