Get to Know: Professor Taylor

What global issue do you think is most overlooked right now?

There are many global issues that the world community needs to be addressing, and in many cases, are being addressed, but lack the financial resources and political will to solve the problems. This is why diplomacy in regional and international organizations is so critical, because we must work collectively. This is why the MODEL UN class is so important, students learn in-depth about critical issues and negotiate real-world solutions.

How has your experience abroad related to this issue?   

Visiting or living abroad is an amazing experience, opening our eyes to how others live and view things. For example, when American’s are asked what they think about the United Nations, many think of diplomats going to lavish parties in New York, where in many other countries, people think of the UN as suppliers of food and shelter after natural disasters and providing peacekeeping missions during conflicts.  Basically, we all want to live a healthy life in a safe and peaceful world.

How will you share/relate those issues and experiences to the special topic course?

The class is attending the National University Model Arab League in Washington, DC and will be representing Egypt at the conference. Each student will become an expert on several issues, such as access to mental health for refugees, neutralizing armed extremist groups, preserving culture in our globalized world, and creating opportunities for youth to engage with civil and political processes. We will explore these real world issues from another country’s perspective and work at the conference to reach consensus with others on what is the best action to take, using real-world tools and diplomacy.

What do you look forward to about teaching this class?

Working with and watching the progress the students make throughout the semester is so exciting! Their negotiating and listening skills improve, their confidence grows. The last few sessions we go over resume writing and job hunting skills, and students have more solid skills to put on resumes with examples to give during interviews, such as strong research and writing skills and being a team player during tense situations.

FYI: Former Model UNers include US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Chelsea Clinton, and George Stephanopoulos.​