Fall 2015 Special Topics Course For Undergrad Students: GLOA 450-001

Fall 2015 Special Topics Course For Undergrad Students: GLOA 450-001

GLOA 450-001 "Global Issues with UN Ambassadors"
Thursdays 4:30-7:10PM

George Mason University hosts a class of up to 20 students for the class co-hosted by Amb. Kamal (Pakistan, retired) and the “Ambassador’s Club at the United Nations.”

Most of the students are seniors majoring in global affairs, international politics, and conflict resolution. The partnership allows students in this class to interfacedirectly with Ambassadors and senior international civil servants at the United Nations via for video conference.

The course introduces students to the application and the study of the role and influence of international organizations and global issues and the forming and implementation of international policy. The course discussed the history of the United Nations, the rise of influence and responsibilities of international and non-governmental organizations.

We explore specific global issues, such as protection of human rights, living in a world with the threat of biological or nuclear attacks, climate change, and international law.  Students also examine the importance of international organizations in humanitarian assistance, multilateral trade and financial transactions and much more.

The class visits the UN near the end of the semester to learn more about the institution they have been studying and to attend briefings from senior UN officials setting and implementing the daily work of the organization. A photo session with the diplomats and other speakers we meet virtually, by a tour of the UN, and a briefing at the US mission complete the busy day.