Memories of War Shape BA Graduate's Goals

Memories of War Shape BA Graduate's Goals
Hana Hadzibegovic during her study aboard at Oxford University

Sarajevo, 1992: a city devastated and broken by war. This was the reality Hana was born into. She has always had a passion for trying to right the wrongs of the world. Going to college has set the stage for Hana in terms of gaining a background in understanding conflict, international relations, and economic and political studies. Her hope is that she can go to law school after her undergrad studies. She sees all the injustice and violation of basic human rights on such a massive scale and it makes her question the prospect of the world we live in.

            Hana’s mother has always had faith in humanity, even after surviving war. She has given humanity another chance to redeem itself. This hope is what allows Hana to have such a motivation to excel in her academic studies as well as what has inspired her to pursue Global Affairs. Global Affairs fuses her background experiences and has allowed Hana to formulate a deeper appreciation and understanding of the various facets of how the world works. Her father has always been a realist and the war understandably made him more of a cynic. His perspectives have also influenced Hana’s worldview by dismissing her naivety and allowing her to realize human nature in its most raw and fundamental form.

            Hana’s plan is not to save the world; she simply wants to create a legacy and make a positive difference. Her studies at Mason as well as her various internships throughout her college career in the UN and the Department of State has opened her eyes to a world that is as beautifully complex as it is inherently simple. Studying abroad at Oxford University for a semester and returning to Mason to complete the Global Politics Fellowship has only further challenged and inspired her.

            Each and every single opportunity that Hana has had through Mason has humbled her and drives her more towards fulfilling her ambitions. After Mason will come law school and what comes after that will be the true test of Hana’s aspirations. Her past makes her who she is today; it has given her the background that has inspired her passions. The war that she and her family survived has made her appreciate the things that others may take for granted. Hana is not only a survivor but she is a leader.