"In the Classroom" with Professor Son

One of the classes I teach this semester is Interdisciplinary Research
Methods (GLOA 605). We are only into the third week but I already find
this class to be the most rewarding teaching experience I ever had; I get
to see what research interest each and every student has and am pleasantly
surprised to see how long the list of fascinating research topics can go
(ranging from human trafficking to cyber security); I've already witnessed
how mere `ideas' shape into research questions even though all we had was
walking through some of the abstract concepts; I asked everybody to treat
themselves as a serious social scientist from day-1 and was amazed to see
that was actually happening.

With this much progress we have already made so far, I cannot wait to see
what happens when the students, I mean these researchers, get to discuss
substantive empirical methods and ways to apply them to our topics. We are
ready to rock.

Prof. Son