2012 Student AwardsGlobal Affairs

Undergraduate Awards

Academic Achievement

This award is given to students in the top 15% of the graduating class in Global Affairs.

  • Alli Phillips
  • Aaron Webb
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Outstanding Academic Achievement1

This award is given to graduating students who have excelled in the Global Affairs Program through academic performance, including exceptional grade point averages.

  • Angelika Albaladejo
  • Annabel Allen
  • Kerri Buschbacher
  • Chelsea Cook
  • Gabrielle Duchene
  • Amber Stewart
  • Elleka Watts
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Certificate of Merit

This award is given to graduating students who have made a notable contribution to the global affairs community as well as the Mason community through consistent academic performance, class participation, and service.

  • Catherine Acosta
  • Daniela Ancalle Jimenez
  • Manal Bougazzoul
  • Allyson Bowers
  • Angelica Ervin
  • Elaine Ervin
  • Ada Espinoza
  • Katrin Greenberg
  • Francis Jung
  • Irina Kuzemkina
  • Natalie Losik
  • Yasmin Mahmoud
  • Paola Moore
  • Irving Rivera
  • Lisa Schmick
  • Alexandra Tyson
  • Johanna Urda
  • Ye Wang
  • Nathan Wu
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