Global Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Foreign Area Officers

Why George Mason for FAOs?

  • 30 credits, no thesis, all classes offered at 4:30pm or 7:20pm, Monday-Thursday
  • Low cost tuition (active duty qualify for in-state tuition rates)
  • Enter in Fall or Spring semester, complete in 12 months
  • Apply any time, defer admission with no additional fees until desired start time


Regional Programs of Study

Africa   Asia

                      Africa Program of Study            Asia Program of Study

Eurasia   Europe

                  Eurasia Program of Study                 Europe Program of Study


            Latin America Program of Study        MENA Program of Study


Additional Program Information

The Master of Arts in Global Affairs offers a rigorous curriculum of 30 multidisciplinary credits that prepare graduates for careers in governance, diplomacy, security, and development. Students complete a core curriculum focusing on the complex processes of globalization and select an area for further specialization, depending on individual interest and professional goals.

In their specialization, foreign area officers complete coursework focusing on their regional concentration, taking advantage of Mason’s wide variety of offerings in government, public policy, biodefense, conflict resolution, economics, sociology, anthropology, religious studies, history, geography, and more.


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