Outstanding Academic Achievement Global Affairs

This award is given to graduating students who have excelled in the Global Affairs Program through academic performance, including exceptional grade point averages.

2018 Awardees

Asha  Athman

Asha Athman

Noah  Black

Noah Black

Claire  Dolan-Heitlinger

Claire Dolan-Heitlinger

Elina  Driscoll

Elina Driscoll

Alicia  Hehir

Alicia Hehir

Hui Yong Kim

Hui Yong Kim

Alexandra  Lanzieri

Alexandra Lanzieri

Yelyzaveta  May

Yelyzaveta May

Aaron  McReynolds

Aaron McReynolds

Alicia  Muir

Alicia Muir

Layne  Rogers

Layne Rogers

Tara  Stanley

Tara Stanley

Hannah Warner

Hannah Warner