Concentration Courses

A Global Affairs concentration is composed of 12.0 credits from at least two different departments that cannot be simultaneously used to fulfill any general education or college requirement for the bachelor’s degree or applied to any other major, minor, concentration, or certificate. In addition to the courses listed, a maximum of 3.0 credits of study abroad and internships may be applied to a concentration with prior approval from a Global Affairs advisor.

How to Find Concentration Courses

Available Concentration Course List:

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Regular Concentration Courses

To view the courses accepted for each concentration, and their availability each semester, select a concentration link on the right. Courses will be listed on each page, with links to their description and availability. Please note, some courses may require prerequisites and/or permission of the instructor.

Special Topics Courses

Each semester, a certain number of special topics courses may be accepted for a concentration. These courses will not be listed on the concentration pages listed on the right because the topics change by semester. In order to find out if your concentration will have special topics courses for a particular semester, please consult the .pdf files below.