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Fairfax Students Help Launch GLOA at Mason Korea

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Global Affairs Student Shares her Experience in Songdo

Tiffany Kornegay is a global affairs undergraduate concentrating on the region of Asia and working towards a minor in Japanese Studies with a language emphasis. She is a member of Mason’s Model UN organization and the Korean Student Association, and plans to join the Japanese Student Association. Tiffany is one of several students who have already studied at Mason's new campus in Incheon Province, South Korea.

While in Songdo for the spring and fall 2014 semesters, Tiffany had the opportunity to travel within Korea and surrounding countries, including Japan, while simultaneously practicing her language skills. The Korean people and other travelers she met allowed her to expand her network and added to the “fantastic experience” she was having at the new campus.

Tiffany found Mason Korea to be a great place for global affairs students because it provides a study abroad experience that is different from a traditional one. The new campus offers opportunities to intern, attend corporate visits, and meet influential figures, such as U.S. State Department employees and the U.S. ambassador for South Korea. Adding that the “options are unlimited,” she enthusiastically noted the interaction with professionals working in areas of interest to many global affairs majors, such as economics, international politics, and humanities. Tiffany found that her experience lent a whole new meaning to her global affairs studies.

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