BA in Global Affairs

All students have opportunities for research, global engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • If you are a highly motivated student, apply to the honors program, where you conduct independent research under the guidance of a faculty member.  Read more >>
  • Consider the accelerated master's program.
  • Apply to be a Global Politics Fellow. 
  • Study abroad with Mason Study Abroad program.
  • Develop valuable job skills by interning at places such as:
    • U.S. Department of State or the U.S. Congress
    • CIA or FBI
    • Foreign embassies in D.C. or U.S. embassies abroad
    • Amnesty International
Amy Busey

Amy Busey

Interning with the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training at the Foreign Services Institute

Amy was an intern with the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST) at the Foreign Services Institute (FSI). There she writes pieces for the web page and conducts research.

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Matthew Delgado

Matthew Delgado, 2019

Interning to create change

Matthew is interning with Hands 4 Others, a non-profit that empowers students to be global leaders who promote peace and global advocacy.

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Lina Eid

Lina Eid, 2019

Working to make a difference back home

Lina has interned with multiple non-profits that assist her home country of Palestine as well as other nations in the Middle East.

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Laura Hillard

Laura Hillard, 2019

Taking advantage of a well-rounded education

Laura is double majoring in economics and global affairs and using Mason's many opportunities to her advantage

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Mina Islam

Mina Islam, 2018

Interning with Women Against Violence

Mina had the opportunity to intern with one of the largest gender-based NGO's in the country, Women Against Violence.

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Sara K Jordan

Sara K Jordan, 2021

Making the most of what her program has to offer

Sara is taking advantage of the highly specified variety of courses offered by the MA Foreign Language program.

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Hannah Matangos

Hannah Matangos

Gaining experience as a museum curator

Hannah interned at the Galleria d’Arte Mentana in Florence Italy where she helped research and select young contemporary artists for an exhibition and assisted with general gallery maintenance.

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Rachel Orga

Rachel Orga, 2018

Working to make a difference on the international scale.

Rachel completed a three-month internship at Directorio Legislativo, a non-profit in Buenos Aires, Argentina focused on promoting legislative transparency in Latin America.

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Samantha Peralta

Samantha Peralta, 2018

Studying abroad to further enhance her education

Samantha studied abroad early in her academic career and found that it introduced her to lessons she couldn't only learn in the classroom.

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Amir Rachmat-Jones

Amir Rachmat-Jones, 2019

Being proactive with an internship on Capitol Hill

Amir interned with a Virginia congressman to better understand the needs of his community.

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Rolando Flores Santos

Rolando Flores Santos, 2018

Interning at the Embassy of El Salvador

Rolando has gained valuable real-world experience interning at the Embassy of El Salvador in 2016.

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Simone Van Heijst

Simone Van Heijst, 2019

Studying to make an impact back home and elsewhere

Netherlands native Simone Van Heijst hopes to continue her international journey post-graduation.

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