BA in Global Affairs

Kevin Omans

Kevin Omans

BA in Global Affairs (Asia Concentration) and Foreign Languages (Korean and Spanish)

CHSS's 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Kevin is fluent in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and English. He received the Dean's Challenge Scholarship in 2020, is cited by the Korean Studies faculty as the most outstanding student in the program, and is studying abroad in Korea to attain Advanced High Proficiency in the language.

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Riley Hester

Riley Hester, 2021

B.A. in Global Affairs, B.A. in Russian and Eurasian Studies

Cited as one of the best students in the history of Russian and Eurasian Studies, she was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship to study advanced Russian in Vladimir, Russia, has served as President of the GMU Russian Club, and studied abroad at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

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Melinda Kong

Melinda Kong, 2020

BA, Global Affairs, 2020

Presented an engaging capstone project on the "river-conflict" between China and Southeast Asian countries.

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Kanghyun Kwon

Kanghyun Kwon, 2020

BA, Global Affairs, 2020

Completed an insightful analysis on the current Hong Kong protests as his capstone project, and will pursue a Juris Doctor in Australia starting next year.

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Matías Sur

Matías Sur, 2016

Returning to graduate school to pursue a career as a university professor

Matías Sur says there is no one path for anyone trying to develop their career. The key is to not be afraid to try new things.

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Mariam Paykar

Mariam Paykar, 2014

Finding rewarding work in the global health field

Mariam Paykar's international development courses prepared her for success in this competitive industry.

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Jonathan Tallman

Jonathan Tallman, 2014

Furthering International Due Process

Jonathan Tallman works in the Department of Justice's Office of International Affairs. On a day-to-day basis, he works with foreign embassies and international law enforcement to make sure that laws and treaties are being followed. He enjoys working with people from different cultures and with different systems of government.

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Kerri Buschbacher

Kerri Buschbacher, 2012

Helping to counter violent extremism

Kerri Buschbacher draws on her coursework in global affairs and conflict resolution in her position at the US Department of State, where she works with colleagues on the challenge of violent extremism.

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Justin Samson

Justin Samson, 2012

Helping to keep transactions clean and legal at a major international bank

Justin Sampson manages a US dollar clearinghouse for the banking giant HSBC, where he works to ensure compliance with US economic and trade sanctions.

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Alexandra Tyson

Alexandra Tyson, 2012

Working as an environmental analyst at the Department of Transportation

A double major in Global Affairs and Government and International Politics, Alexandra Tyson was a winner of a Dean's Challenge Scholarship and created the guide to Mason's first Green Office Program while a student at Mason.

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Manal Bougazzoul

Manal Bougazzoul, 2011

Supporting corporate responsibilitiy initiatives at a major oil company

Manal Bougazzoul works for the oil giant Saudi Aramco, for which she conducts research and works on corporate social responsibility projects. The job allows her to travel, meet people from around the world, and learn how business is conducted across the globe.

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Madhava DeBow

Madhava DeBow, 2011

Great responsibility in a diplomatic environment

Madhava DeBow works in the Embassy of Brazil, where she uses her global affairs and business background to present budget and research findings to high-level diplomatic personnel.

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David Pfohl

David Pfohl, 2011

Enjoying the fast pace of doing business in China

David Pfohl works as the public relations specialist in the Shanghai office of the world's largest architectural firm.

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Michael  Ghielmetti

Michael Ghielmetti, 2010

Working in a global business from its base in Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Ghielmetti works for ABB, a global power and automation company, as a global initiatives manager, a position that enables him to work across the ABB's entire business portfolio.

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Amrik Sahni

Amrik Sahni, 2010

Connecting producers and traders across the globe

Amrik Sahni uses his language skills and his global economy and management degree concentration to work with widely diverse business partners as an international commodities trader.

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