Internships in Global Affairs

Internships are an increasingly important way for students to apply their classroom knowledge to professional settings. The Global Affairs Program encourages its majors to participate in one or more internship experiences during their time at Mason by offering course credit, GLOA 495, for paid or unpaid internships in professional fields broadly related to global affairs. Students seek and gain internship experience in a diverse range of institutional and professional settings, including non-governmental and intergovernmental agencies, multinational corporations and think tanks. (Click here to see a list of actual internship sites). Please note that only global affairs majors are eligible to earn GLOA 495 credit.

Students enrolled in GLOA 495 work at their chosen internship site and collaborate with the Global Affairs Internship Coordinator to complete a variety of academic assignments in order to earn 3-9 academic credits for their internship experience. 

Follow the simple steps below to get enrolled in GLOA 495

Step 1Begin Your Internship Search. Visit University Career Services to begin your search, help polish your cover letter and resume, and consult with a career counselor about available internships and eligibility. Each student is responsible for finding his/her own internship placement and making arrangements for working with the organization (Click here for a list of internship search engines). 

Step 2Apply for the internships of your choice. The letter and application forms should be sent by the student to the organization when inquiring about the internship. 

Step 3 - Complete internship application materials. A complete application includes the following documents (available in the box on the right side of this page): 

    • Internship Application 
    • Letter of acceptance from the intern organization
    • Learning Agreement:
      • Internship Contract filled out by the agency and approved by the internship coordinator 
      • Consent and Release Agreement
      • Internship Agreement

Step 4 - Submit Completed Application to the Global Affairs office. Upon review and approval of the proposal, the Global Affairs Internship Coordinator will give the student the necessary permission and paperwork to register for GLOA 495. 

Please note that in order to earn academic credit, students must pay tuition for this course. 

Completed an internship?

Don't forget to submit information about your experience to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. You might be featured on their site as well as the Global Affairs website!