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Chanel Grice - English Teachers in Okinawa Internship Program

"For 8 weeks I was a part of the English Teachers in Okinawa Internship Program. Okinawa is a small island located below mainland Japan. The program is known for its teachers that are trained in teaching English and go to various schools, colleges, and businesses located around the island. During my internship I was assigned to teach English to students at a local business college. I was not only a teacher, but I made friends and practiced speaking Japanese with the students. I was also an assistant teacher at a local elementary school. I would assist in teaching English Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and assist the Japanese instructor in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The kids were excited to learn something new and meet a foreigner. There was not a day that went by when the kids would not exclaim, “アメリカから来たの?” (Are you from America?) This internship program allowed me to engage in a traditional Japanese classroom environment and meet prominent business owners in Okinawa. Through this program I enhanced my Japanese and made amazing new friends!"

Chanel Grice     Chanel Grice


Monica Canales - The House of Representatives 

"Interning at The House of Representatives has been such a rewarding and incredible experience. Learning the basics of the Legislative process and acquiring valuable knowledge in the field of politics has been very interesting. I interacted with Members of Congress and attended hearings and briefings on the Hill regarding legislative issues and bills passed by Congress. As a Global Affairs Major concentrating in Global Economy and Management, I could not be more ecstatic to be given this opportunity of a lifetime and share it with fellow students within my major."

Monica Canales     Monica Canales



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