Academic Advising

Academic Advising for MA Students

The Global Affairs Program offers a two-tiered advising structure for MA students, that combines faculty and staff advising expertise.

1)  Stephanie Lister ( Global Affairs Graduate Coordinator, can               assist you with:

  • Planning for your Global Affairs Core/Specialization Classes each semester
  • Issuing Global Affairs Core Course Overrides
  • Answering questions related to degree progress (meeting requirements) and any issues with how courses are displayed in your degree evaluation

2) Your faculty advisor (identify below) can assist you with

  • Discussing your academic progress in the program
  • Discussing any academic challenges you are facing, such as in your writing
  • Identifying your MA specialization
  • Research and professional development

 Who is my faculty advisor?

Students are referred to Faculty Advisors based on their last name. 

  • A – H: Dr. Jennifer Ashley           
  • I - P: Dr. Lisa Breglia           
  • Q - Z: Dr. Byunghwan Son

How to Check your Degree Evaluation

Along with advisor consultation, all students must track their progress through the online degree evaluation, Degree Works, in Patriot Web. The degree evaluation is the audit maintained by the Registrar's Office which tracks course completion. It should be checked each semester before and after registration to ensure that enrolled courses are meeting requirements. 


Secondary Graduate Certificate

Students may be enrolled in one graduate certificate program while they pursue a master's degree.

Please look here for the Graduate Secondary Certificate Program Application.

Sharing of Credits between Global Affairs MA Program and Graduate Certificate:

15 credit graduate certificate: Double count 6 credits

18 credit or more graduate certificate: Double count 9 credits