Graduate Assistants

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  • Muna Altaweel

    Muna Altaweel

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Theories of Nationalism, Politics of Space, Identity Politics, Middle East, Levant, Trauma Studies


  • Koty S Bowen

    Koty S Bowen

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Political Anthropology, Queer Anthropology, Tourism, Globalization


  • Pavithra Suresh

    Pavithra Suresh

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Diaspora, South Asian-American studies, transnational feminisms, disability, queer bodies, non-dominant epistemologies, critical pedagogy, governmentality and empire


  • Abla Triki

    Abla Triki

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Migration and Border Studies, Humanitarianism, Globalization, MENA


  • Janis Woodward

    Janis Woodward

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    socio-cultural anthropology, urban anthropology, youth culture, aging, place, space, urban design, skateboarding


  • Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Chelsea Wenzhu Xu

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Film and media, popular culture, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality, transnationalism