Part-time Faculty

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  • Néjib Ayachi

    Néjib Ayachi

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Hilary Sue Ayer

    Hilary Sue Ayer

    Adjunct Faculty

    Arabic translation and interpretation and the use of Arabic dialects in these fields.



  • Vivek Prasad

    Vivek Prasad

    Adjunct Faculty

    Environmental Policy and Governance, Climate Change, Adaptation, Mitigation, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Warming


  • Kathalene A Razzano

    Kathalene A Razzano

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Andrew N Rubin

    Andrew N Rubin

    Adjunct Faculty

    Postcolonial Studies, Critical Theory, Twentieth century Anglophone literature, Holocaust and Arab Studies, Transnational Modernism.



  • Caroline S. West

    Caroline S. West

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    visual culture, photography, political economy, gender/race theory, political economy, globalization

  • Bradley Wayne Williams

    Bradley Wayne Williams

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social Movements, Advocacy, Institutions and Organizations