Jim Blevins

Jim Blevins

Jim Blevins


morphology, syntax, quantitative linguistics, history of ideas

Academic positions

Professor, Linguistics Program
Program Faculty, GLOA
Faculty Affiliate, IDIA


Administrative roles

Director, Linguistics Program
Chair, CHSS Faculty Assembly
Member, CHSS Senior Leadership Committee (ex officio)

Selected Publications

Blevins, J. P. 2016. Word and Paradigm Morphology. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Blevins, J. P. 2006. Word-based morphology. Journal of Linguistics 42(3), 531–573.

Blevins, J. P. 2003. Passives and impersonals. Journal of Linguistics 39(3), 473–520.

Baayen, R. H., Y.-Y. Chuang, E. Shafaei-Bajestan, and J. P. Blevins. 2019. The discriminative lexicon. Complexity, Special Issue on Cognitive Network Science: A New Frontier, 1–39.

Geertzen, Jeroen, James P. Blevins, and Petar Milin. 2016. The informativeness of linguistic unit boundaries. Italian Journal of Linguistics 28(1), 25–48.

Expanded Publication List

Kiefer, F., J. P. Blevins, and H. Bartos (eds.). 2017. Perspectives on Morphological Structure: Data and Analyses. Leiden: Brill.

Blevins, J. P., and J. Blevins. 2009 (eds.). Analogy in Grammar: Form and Acquisition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Marzi, C., J. P. Blevins, G. Booij, & V. Pirrelli. 2020. Inflection at the morphology-syntax interface. In Word Knowledge and Word Usage: A Cross-disciplinary Guide to the Mental Lexicon, ed. by V. Pirrelli, I. Plag, and W. U. Dressler. Berlin: De Gruyter, 228–294.

Milin, P., & J. P. Blevins. 2020. Paradigms in morphology. In The Oxford Encylopedia of Morphology, ed. by R. Lieber, S. Arndt-Lappe, A. Fàbregas, C. Gagné, and F. Masini. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Blevins, J. P., P. Milin & M. Ramscar. 2017. The Zipfian Paradigm Cell Filling Problem. In Perspectives on Morphological Structure: Data and Analyses, ed. by F. Kiefer, J. P. Blevins, and H. Bartos. Leiden: Brill, 141–158.

Ackerman, F., J. P. Blevins, and R. Malouf. 2009. Parts and wholes: Implicative patterns in inflectional paradigms. In Analogy in Grammar: Form and Acquisition, ed. by J. P. Blevins and J. Blevins. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 54–81.

Courses Taught

Number Topic Semester(s)
ENGH 301 The Fields of English Fall 2020
LING 306 General linguistics Fall 2019
LING 522 Modern English grammar Spring 2020, 2021
LING 650 Introduction to Sociolinguistics Spring 2021
LING 686 Special topics: Morphology Fall 2019, 2020


1990 – Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

1983 – English & Philosophy, Bishop's University, Quebec

Dissertations Supervised

Abdulmajeed Alrashed, The Production and Perception of Emphasis in Qassimi (2023)