MA in Global Affairs

Khaled Mohamed, 2018

Khaled Mohamed

What have you been up to since graduating from the Global Affairs MA program?

After I graduated in 2018, I got a new job in mid-2019 at the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, which is a sister organization of Voice of America. 

As a senior radio producer and editor-in-chief, I played a key role in launching a new multi-platform news/media project (Radio – Video – Digital) targeting audience in the Middle East region. I improved the quality of the news and talk shows broadcasted via several platforms to match the changing taste and habits of the current audience, and to win more ground against competitors. 

Is there a course, text, or assignment in particular that you've drawn upon in your alumni life?

It’s interesting to see the world through the lens of globalization forces which I studied extensively in globalization competencies and economic globalization courses. That is an added value whenever I deal with news stories and features about refugee flows and protest movements across the Middle East which are interestingly similar and use innovative methods reflecting how the world is more interconnected than ever. 

Moreover, studying research methods provided me with extra tools in this career as a journalist and investigative reporter. 

Please describe one memory or highlight of your time in the program.

My heart is still in Havana after my study abroad trip to Cuba in January 2018.  It was the cherry on the top; the experience that I will never forget. 

Studying in Cuba for two weeks as an essential part of Global Affairs MA program had a tremendous impact on me personally, professionally, and academically. I learned plenty about Cuba's political and economic systems, social structure, and diverse culture. This experience of studying and living in a foreign country for a couple of weeks is a smart idea to prepare students for real situations when they use their academic credentials and knowledge awarded by Global Affairs program to work in the field in other foreign countries when needed. 

What would be your advice to new alumni, regardless of whether they are already in established careers or are in search of a job?

Everything you learned in this program is relevant to today’s world. So, whether you are specialized in global security and conflict, global education, or economics, you will see how everything is interconnected and you can use your academic knowledge to enhance your skills in your current career or increase your chances of finding the right path in your career search.

Remember, every time you are in a job interview or moving upward in your career, to share what you learned in your classes and how the study abroad experience enriched your knowledge and broaden your perspective in life.